5 Common Bookkeeping Mistakes Freelancers Make

As a freelancer, bookkeeping is an essential requirement. Nevertheless, it can be challenging especially if you have no accounting background. Accounting errors are inevitable; however, common accounting mistakes can be easily avoided when an appropriate plan is provided. Moreover, it is easier and cost effective to correct mistakes earlier than later especially if it’s a […]

Why Bookkeeping Is Essential As A Website Designer

Being a freelancer is a satisfying feeling. You are in business for yourself and own it all. However, owning it all means that you have to document all of your finances on your own as well. The importance of accurate bookkeeping is an essential part of any successful business and can hurt your business if […]

Choose ABTB for Small Business Accounting Services in Charlotte, NC

Accounting is a key element of any growing business. It enables you to review your performance and plan ahead. For small businesses in Charlotte, NC rather than employing a full-time accountant, a part-time small business accountant can take care of your accounting needs on demand. Aside from the lowered expenditure, such a plan comes with […]

Bookkeeping Tips for Freelancers

Although bookkeeping is an important aspect of business for freelancers, the multiple tasks that freelancers handle at the same time leave them with little time to maintain records. However, proper bookkeeping will help to keep track of all invoices and collect payments from clients. This will ensure proper cashflow management. If you are not able […]

Bookkeeping Tips for Start-Ups

You’ve made the decision to start your own business – congratulations! We know it will be an exciting and fulfilling time for you, as it very well should be. It will also come with some challenges and a lot of hard work. However, there are some very practical things you can do right off the […]

Simple, To-The-Point and EASY Bookkeeping Tips for Small Business Owners

Starting a small business doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does take thought and require attention to detail. One of the biggest points of confusion that you’ll encounter is bookkeeping — not because bookkeeping is hard, but because people often don’t know where to start. Here are some very easy tips that we know […]

10 Bookkeeping Tips for Contractors

Bookkeeping can be one of the most difficult aspects of running your own contracting business. Maintaining accurate records of financial transactions ensures that your business functions efficiently and transparently. These ten tips will help to make bookkeeping as simple as possible. 1. Use Different Checking Accounts One of the easiest ways to keep track of […]

5 Easy Tips to Prepare Your Books for Tax Season

Tax season can be a confusing time for filers. Countless forms, obtuse language and a looming deadline makes what should be a straight forward process into a stressful, headache inducing chore. If you find yourself constantly fretting during this time of the year, here are 5 easy tips to prepare your books for tax season. […]

7 Signs Your Small Business Needs A Professional Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is the art of systematically organizing and recording all the financial transactions pertaining to business. This is usually done to ensure that the relevant financial information is correct, comprehensive and up-to-date. Small businesses may need professional bookkeeping services at certain stages of their operations. When expanding roles When your business diversifies or takes on […]

An Easy, Small Business Startup Checklist for Charlotte Businesses

If you’re planning on starting a small business, you may feel intimidated by the significance of such an endeavor. However, the truth is that starting a business isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Of course, you will need to work hard to get your business off the ground and there will be days when […]