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Human Resources (HR) Services in Charlotte, NC

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Imagine a team behind you at your small business. An efficient, dedicated team that takes care of your human resources and administrative tasks, freeing your time and reducing the stress of required paperwork. Sounds good, right?


An HR and administrative outsourced partner is the answer to helping you sort out the confusing human resources paperwork, government forms compliance and regulations, benefits administration, and general administrative tasks that you don’t have time for – and all for a relatively small investment.


With an outsourced partner, you can get the help you need quickly and seamlessly. Working with current and emerging technologies, your outsourced partner can provide an entire suite of services to improve your bottom line and handle the mountains of paperwork and compliance forms that come with running your small business.

North Carolina Outsource HR Services

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Some areas where an HR and administrative outsourced partner can help you:

  • Create and maintain employee handbooks, including drafting policies and procedures.
  • Benefits open enrollment and benefits administration.

  • Maintain employee files, including required government forms such as I9s.
  • Recruitment and retention, including hiring and on-boarding, employment testing and background screening.

  • Tracking vacation and sick days for each employee, including monthly and annual reporting.
  • Any required administrative tasks to keep your small business on track and up to date.

Whether the tasks are complex and challenging or simple and straightforward, an outsourced partner will be there only for the time you need them and dedicated to supporting you at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Talk with Lori today about how you can get started with your personal outsourced partner.