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Running a small or medium-sized business in North and South Carolina isn’t easy, but it is definitely rewarding. When you have a professional bookkeeping service on your side, those rewards become infinitely greater. Our team of bright, friendly, and innovative professionals have the experience and devotion you need to make your business thrive. Let us handle the financials, you have a business to run.


Full Service Bookkeeping


Whether you are just beginning your business, have been growing for some time now, or simply want to streamline your current accounting process, you’ll want to speak with the experts of ABTB. We will gladly take care of all the bookkeeping tasks that are comprehensive, efficient, and geared to your individual needs. After all, no business can optimally function if the files and paperwork are not organized and secure.


Our bookkeeping and accounting services include:


Payroll processing and tax reporting

Data entry – transactions and more

Bank reconciliation

Insurance policies – employee and company

Client invoices and payments

Assets – products and property

Monetary records – bank statements, etc.

Taxes – paid and due


We promise to do more than just crunch data. Our professional team will stay in contact with you about the significance of those numbers and documents so they can be used to your benefit.


Don’t know if our bookkeeping and accounting service is right for you? Don’t worry. A friendly representative from Accounting by the Books will be more than happy to talk with you and provide information about our services so you can decide which is best suited for your needs


Controller and/or CFO for Hire


The Chief Financial Officer (also known as a Controller) or CFO is an integral member of any business. The CFO has the special role of managing the financial side of a business by maintaining records and participating in financial planning and forecasts. Beyond that, a CFO seeks to make your business more valuable to present and potential shareholders by increasing returns. The end result will be more profit for you and the shareholders.

Small and mid-sized businesses might not have the ability to hire a full-time CFO or even feel that such a person is needed all the time. Our temporary CFO services are exactly what your business needs without signing up for the commitment of an additional full-time employee. Depending on the goal of your business, we can act as a Controller in a number of ways.


Our qualifications allow us to work with a number of industries and to tailor the following CFO services to every client:


Generating new budgeting and projection plans

Preparation of financial statements

Managing present bookkeeping and accounting staff

Implementing effective monetary practices

Overseeing financial accounts and records

Handling month-end closings

Creating financial and tax strategies

Managing risks


Keep in mind that a CFO is not necessary for every business. The important step to take is creating a reliable and effective bookkeeping and accounting system. Have a look at our bookkeeping services first. Once you have your records in order, investing in a CFO will then help accelerate the growth of your business by strategizing with your budget and finances.




Cash is everything. Okay, maybe not everything but without a proper budget and cash flow management, your business is going to be in trouble. Before that happens, you need to know where the money is going to, coming from, and how your business can utilize it more effectively. That’s where Accounting by the Books comes in.


We won’t just make a budget. We will monitor your cash flow and ensure you have the capital needed to satisfy financial obligations while having enough flexibility to develop and expand. Accurate budgeting becomes essential in every facet of business—loans, investments, partnerships.


Our budgeting service is comprehensive. First, we take into account the goal of your business, as well as priorities. At the end of a set period, we can then evaluate how well the budget worked at controlling expenditures. That way, you can then rethink the spending habits of the company, refine your needs, and adapt for smarter dealings in the future.


The best part is that we will be with you every step of the way. It doesn’t matter if you need our budgeting services for outlining the initial plan or interpreting the results. We are more than happy to keep you on the correct path.


Contact us today to receive a budgeting consultation and learn more about how we can help you and your cash flow.


Financial Statement Review and Analysis


It’s time to turn those numbers and dollar signs into results. The professionals of Accounting by the Books can analyze the data and draft a review that is succinct and understandable. Several elements are evaluated, including the profitability, liquidity, stability, and solvency of your business.


Our financial statement reviews and analysis are not as extensive as an audit but are still more than enough information to provide you with a clear picture. Such a review carries with it the advantages of hiring a CPA without spending as much or waiting as long for a report.


When you ask us to review and analyze the financial state of your business, we go beyond the surface. We ask questions, seek out the answers, and then make accurate readings based on the data available. If you are ready to evolve, beat the competition, and see a projection of the past, present, and future, then you can rely on the Accounting by the Books team to help make it happen.

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