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Your success is our success—and that is why we want to contribute to it. Accounting by the Books offers a broad range of training seminars and consultation services to suit the needs of you, your business, and employees. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or are looking for ways to improve what you already have, as long as you’re willing to learn and keep an open mind. After all, running a business is all about critical thinking and know-how.


New Business Start-Up Seminars


Starting up is an intimidating process. Don’t get overwhelmed. Accounting by the Books is here is help you with the initial start up and foundational steps of creating a business that stands the test of time. If you want to be organized from Day 1, consider our New Business Start-up Seminar, which includes:


• Creating a business plan: What is your objective, industry, and vision? You need to be clear about what you want.

• Figuring out capital: How much start-up capital do you need? Do you have investors? Before beginning a business, banks are going to want to see how much money you have set aside. We will help you gather all the necessary data and structure it for the initial set-up.

• Studying legal business structures: The business entity you choose has an impact on your taxes, credibility, and so forth. We will teach you about the different structures and give you insight on which one to select.

• Obtaining a Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN): If you plan on having employees and incorporating your business, you will need an EIN. Our start-up seminar will include receiving this number.

• Learning about bank/merchant accounts and business loans: All businesses need a bank account that is separate from all personal accounts. We will provide answers to all of your questions about which type of account to choose and how to use it in records and tracking. If you already have a chosen bank, will we ask the questions that get you the best loans and credit lines, if necessary.

• Information on business credit cards: Our seminar delineates all the ways a business credit card can be advantageous.

• Accounting and bookkeeping: Having a properly set-up accounting system from the beginning is going to save you from headaches in the long run. We will advise you on software and train you how to use specific tools efficiently.

• Taxes: Learn about business taxes instead of waiting for March or April. The more you know now, the better off you will be during tax season.


Our seminars can also cover other topics like insurance, promotion, and collateral.


With our extensive knowledge in setting up, establishing, and operating businesses, we have created a thorough and insightful program that gives you a solid foundation for starting up a business, no matter your goals. Learn how to succeed then seize the opportunity for success immediately. We’ll teach you how.


Contact us today to learn more about our New Business Start-Up Seminar or book a class today.


QuickBooks Training


Taking your business to the next level requires the right tools and resources. When correctly implemented, QuickBooks and other accounting software can become a truly pivotal tool. As you may already be aware, QuickBooks is among the best accounting software to date, especially for small and mid-sized businesses. If you want to eventually manage your own accounting and bookkeeping, learning from an experienced QuickBooks ProAdvisor is one of the best ways to start off on the correct foot. Our QuickBooks training program will take you through the installation of the software to gaining confidence in using the functions of the application and gaining new control of your business finances.


Our QuickBooks training covers the following:

Purchase and setup

Development of account charts and financial reports

Day-to-day data entry

Online billing

Balance sheets – cash, receivable and payable accounts, payroll


Additionally, we can change the syllabus depending on whether or not you and your employees are beginners or experienced users. Perhaps you simply want to learn how to use a newer version of QuickBooks more effectively by receiving informative instruction on the latest functions through discussions and exercises. By enhancing your knowledge of the application, you can improve your financial situation much quicker and reap even greater benefits.


The certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors of Accounting by the Books, LLC are here to give you hands-on experience and effective training whenever you need it, regardless of your level of understanding. The result will be the same: more confidence using QuickBooks and more productivity when utilizing the software.


Contact us today to schedule your QuickBooks training program.


Bookkeeping Consultation & Understanding Your Financials


There will be challenges when running a business—that much is inevitable. But when you have a team of professional and experienced bookkeepers helping you along the way your finances can be streamlined and simplified. Our consultations will give you the tools needed to go beyond managing your finances. We will help you identify the opportunities that will amplify the reach and prosperity of your business.


The Accounting by the Books team has developed consultations and seminars to help you better comprehend the principles of accounting. You will learn secrets of our trade, lessening your anxiety around tax season and upping your growth throughout the year. The Understanding Your Financials seminar, as well as our consultations, cover the following topics:


Basic financial terms and buzzwords – understand how accountants describe your business

Basic financial records – profit and loss statements, balance sheets, cash flow predictions


Cash flow control – don’t just make a budget, learn how to better control your expenses so you can better stick to it

Record keeping practices – learn how to maintain tax records, invoices, and other data correctly so you know where it is when you need it

Tax regulations

And more.


By the end of the seminar or consultation, you will:

  • Have gained a foundation in bookkeeping and accounting
  • Know how to read and analyze financial statements
  • Estimate budgets and make realistic ones
  • Know how to keep records
  • And other useful information

Our presentations will keep you engaged, as well, so that you retain what you learn and can put it to use immediately. Contact us today to learn more about our bookkeeping consultations or register for a class. We look forward to hearing from you.


Identity Theft Awareness Seminars


In today’s digitized world, knowing how to avoid a major data breach is one of the most relevant and cost effective training modules you can introduce to your business. Not only will you be teaching everyone methods of keeping their personal data safe, but you also learn the best practices for securing sensitive business data.


Accounting by the Books has developed an Identity Theft Awareness Seminar that is designed to do the following:


Identify, assess, and reduce identity theft risks

Improve data management practices

Learning advantages of automated solutions such as credit monitoring services

Fraud detection and prevention

Incident response procedures


When it comes to hosting sensitive data, such as invoices and other financial records on a computer, whether that data is secured in a single file or cloud server, you need to know how to keep it safe. An Identity Theft Awareness Seminar will answer all the questions you have and more. Having learned how to seek out potential risks, you will know how to implement practices that keep data breaches from ever happening. With your data protected, your business will be that much more reliable.


Contact us today to learn more about our unique Identity Theft Awareness Seminar or book a class.

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