Is There An App For That?

Is There An App For That

We live in a technology driven world. It seems as though there is always something new coming out to help make our lives easier. One of the ways that this is happening is through the use of various applications that can be downloaded to your computer or smart phone. We recently read an interesting blog post that we thought would be beneficial for you to read as well. The blog post lists 39 different apps that can help you to grow your business. The full list is here, on the sqrl website. We read through the list and found all the apps to be pretty fascinating. Here are a few apps that we thought were particularly interesting.

–        “ScreenHero”

  • This app seems like a good one for anyone to use, not just business professionals. We have all had to navigate through new software and felt lost while doing so. This app seems like it would be a really beneficial tool to have to use in those instances.

–       “Yammer”

  • A few of the apps listed are to help teams collaborate without the use of email. One of the biggest complaints you hear about from business professionals today is being inundated with work emails. If yammer (or any of the other email management apps) can help with that, then it sounds like a worthwhile investment.

–       “Quote Roller”

  • This app allows professionals to give proposals to customers easily and allows customers to accept the proposals easily and quickly. It sounds like it would bring peace of mind not only to the professionals, but to the customers as well.

–       “Expensify”

  • This app imports receipts from your smart phone, which helps keep track of all your expenses. It sounds like an easy way to manage your expenses and keep them organized.

–       “Spotlight Reporting”

  •  This app helps you to manage your cash flow and forecast what’s ahead, which is a tool that all business owners need since that is the goal after all.

Which app(s) stood out to you? Do you use any that aren’t on the list?