Bookkeeping Procrastination

Bookkeeping Procrastination

procrastinationLook familiar? If so, I am sure the thought of tackling that bookkeeping pile is incredibly overwhelming. Take a deep breath and stop panicking, we have some good news for you- WE CAN HELP! We can turn this enormous pile of papers/statements/receipts into an organized binder with data entered, reconciled, and up to date!








Feel free to let out a sigh of relief. 🙂


Here is what we can do, specifically, to help you:

– Enter income and expenses that haven’t been recorded, reconciled, or organized into your accounting software program.

– Prepare your disorganized receipts into a profit and loss statement.

– Enter your data for financial reporting and tax purposes as well as review/reconcile that data.

– We can fix data that has been entered, fully or partially, but was not entered correctly.

– We generate organized reports that will reduce the amount of time your CPA spends preparing your tax returns, ultimately saving you time and money.



Don’t procrastinate any longer, contact us today so we can help.



Tiffany Goodin,