5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Bookkeeper

5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs a Bookkeeper

When it comes to making sure that bills are paid on time and all accounts are settled correctly, there’s no room for error.  While some small businesses owners feel that they can afford to take care of their own bookkeeping, that decision may prove costly in the long run.  Here’s why hiring our services can be your best investment:

1) We Keep the Personal and Professional Separate

The most important rule of starting a business is to never, ever mix your company and household finances, no matter how convenient it may seem.  The risks are just too many and too great. Our services will make it easier to set up separate accounts, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about keeping a clear boundary between your business and your personal finances. 

2) We Make it Easier to Satisfy Uncle Sam

The only thing more dreadful than a personal tax audit is a business tax audit.  Your records need to be as complete and as thorough as possible in case the IRS ever comes knocking, as relying on hand-written receipts and unorganized accounts could get you into real trouble. Our professionals will do all the heavy lifting for you, making certain all expenses and profits are accounted for and documented.

3) We Can Get You More Favorable Tax Returns

It’s true! With a clear history of your business expenses it’s easier to report lower net revenue to reduce your tax exposure, which means having to pay less at tax time.  Plus, when we keep your business separate from your personal accounts your claimed expenses will invite less scrutiny from the IRS.

4) We Will Give You a Record Above Reproach

Accurate bookkeeping pays off in the long run when your business looks towards expanding.  Securing a bank loan is much easier when your bank is confidant in your business.  Our bookkeeping will present a clear picture of your business’s profits and losses, allowing for the quick generation of requested business reports, which will go a long way towards making your bank happy.

5) We Can Help You Achieve Peace of Mind

Running your day to day business affairs is hard enough, we know that having to constantly update your books can bring added stress.  It’s a job that has to be done, however, because leaving the job unfinished will cause big problems.  Let our bookkeeping share the load and we’ll keep things clear to see and easy to understand.

When you take advantage of our many bookkeeping and accounting services then you can concentrate on what’s most important – your business.