Smartphone Apps for Tracking Expenses

Smartphone Apps for Tracking Expenses

Efficient, real-time business expense tracking is fundamental to keeping your financial objectives on track. And, handy documentation simplifies tax preparation. Fortunately, there are a variety of convenient smartphone apps you can use to upload receipts and expense information on-the-go. These apps are also excellent tools for retrieving expense data from your staff.

Most expense tracking apps are free or offered at a nominal one-time charge. A wide variety of advanced features are available, including group options, for additional one-time or recurring fees. Advanced options range from receipt scanners to integrated data management functions that generate up-to-the-minute reporting of your finances, synchronizing your bank and credit card accounts with your current expense data inputs. Many apps can export data—formatting for Quicken, QuickBooks, Excel, PDF, HTML, or CSV, and some upload to cloud storage services and even email. Choosing an expense tracking app that is both iOS and Android compatible is recommended. Here are some of the most popular apps.

Concur Mobile

Designed with managers and business travelers in mind, the Concur Mobile app can even be used to approve travel expenditures submitted by employees. It’s also very handy for booking airline and hotel reservations. The app links with your credit cards. And, it conveniently generates detailed expense reports. The app is free, and it’s iPhone and Android compatible.


This app offers comprehensive small-business expense tracking. BizExpense Tracker even tracks mileage, and records hours worked. It’s customizable to your particular expense categories and sub-categories. Expense reports are very easy to produce. This impressive app organizes data for transfer to your accountant. The price is $6.99, and the app is made for iPhone.

Cashbook Expense Tracker

A sophisticated app, Cashbook is loaded with functions. The photo option snaps and stores receipts with your expense records.The app even uses GPS to track mileage and travel time. It smoothly generates expense reports, graphs, and converts files to Quicken, CSV, or HTML format for emailing and cloud uploading. This app is priced at $5.99, and it’s Android compatible.


Ideal for business users who want the simplest possible screens, this streamlined app is known for its user-friendliness. It links toyour bank and credit card accounts, and automatically tracks expenses. And, it features a tracking dashboard that displays your real-time financial data. inDinero is a free, cloud-based app, and it’s iPhone-compatible.

Smart Receipts

An open-source app, Smart Receipts is good for individuals or group users. It quickly scans receipts, easily creates expense reports. It emails detailed reports, converting files to PDF or CSV format. It even tabulates PDF versions for easy reading and ideal report sharing. The app is free, and it’s upgradable for a fee. Android compatible.