Welcome to Accounting By The Books!

Welcome To Accounting By The Books

After months of planning, organizing, and collaborating we are excited to announce the launch of our new business, Accounting By The Books. Accounting By The Books is a bookkeeping business located in Charlotte, NC. Lori Squires, the owner, has recently moved to Charlotte, NC from Hartford, CT. She owned a bookkeeping business for 15 years in CT and recently sold it in August of 2013. She made the transition down to Charlotte to be closer to family, more specifically, to her first grandson. Lori’s daughter, Tiffany, has joined forces with her in order to help launch this new business in Charlotte.

Accounting By The Books offers ongoing bookkeeping services. We can cater to each business owner’s specific needs, whether they need us to work on live bookkeeping weekly/bi-weekly, or if they need us to work on entering and/or reconciling historical data monthly/quarterly. In addition to ongoing bookkeeping services we also offer accounting cleanups, new business startups, and Quickbooks one-on-one training.

Each small business is unique in its own way, and what each small business owner needs varies. The services we offer can meet each individual need. Our goal is to make your lives easier by organizing and maintaining your finances, while you maintain your business.